This application, available for Windows 8 and WinRT allows you to keep track of every crises in details, to obtain a clear summary, a complete history and graphs that allow you to highlight facts that you would not necessarily think.

What is the frequency of your headaches? What are the symptoms frequently recurring and what are the causes? This tool will support you for answer these questions.
Keeping a headache diary will help you – and your doctor if needed – to better understand and diagnose your headaches.


  • Adding detailed entry
  • Full history in grid/tabular form
  • Many graphics to locate a glance the important points
  • Description and explanation of the various types of headaches and their probable causes
  • Exportation (.csv format, compatible Ms Excel, OpenOffice etc..) of the entries
  • Sentences whose characters are not in the correct order exercises
  • You data are saved on the cloud to be available throug your different devices


  • Headache_7
  • Headache_8
  • Headache_9
  • Headache_10
  • Headache_12
  • Headache_13

How To Get It

Logo_Windows_Store    Simply click here or look in the Windows Store for “Headache follow-up”.