HSK Level 2 available!

Brings to you the next 150 words and expressions required for the second test, as well as more than 300 new sample sentences.

    • Some HSK level 1 fix in the vocabulary: pinyin and/or tones was incorrect for a few words.
    • Improvement in the “Tones selection” exercise user experience.
    • Improvement in the “Flashcards” exercise user experience.
    • Live tile (displaying random ideograms & meaning).
    • Swipe gesture is now supported in the “Flashcards” page.
    • Statistics page issues fixed (graph was not working as expected in the previous release).
    • Capability to select the number of items to review for each exercise.
    • Some minor graphical improvements.
    • Several stability fix.

  • Unfortunately, from now only English and French will be supported by the app to be able to keep providing you a software of great quality.